Hi, I’m Kala

Welcome to Creative Stages West Seattle! I’m Kala, the founder and passionate childcare professional behind our nanny share program. With over 11 years of experience as a professional nanny, I have built an impeccable record and earned outstanding references throughout the Seattle area. My journey in childcare and my love for nurturing young minds has led me to establish this nanny share program in West Seattle.

I believe in forming strong bonds with the families I work with, as they become an integral part of my life. For instance, I have remained the Girl Scout Leader for the first family I nannied for when I moved to Seattle in 2013. My approach to childcare is based on a partnership between myself, the children, and their parents.

In this partnership, I value:

• Open communication: Ensuring that everyone stays informed and connected
• Honesty: Building trust and fostering an environment of transparency
• Alignment: Working together to create a consistent and harmonious approach to childcare
• Strategic discussions: Collaboratively addressing challenges and finding effective solutions
• Love: Nurturing each child with warmth, care, and affection

At Creative Stages West Seattle, we are committed to providing an exceptional childcare experience for both children and parents. Join us and become a part of our loving and supportive community.

Our Space – A Nurturing Environment

In 2021, we purchased a beautiful property in West Seattle, comprising three separate units. Until recently, we rented out a portion of the house, but starting this fall, we have transformed the 1,500 sq ft space into a fully functional and licensed nanny share facility.

Our dedicated space features:

• A fully-equipped kitchen for preparing healthy meals and snacks
• A bathroom designed with child safety in mind
• Comfortable sleeping quarters for restful naps
• A spacious indoor play area filled with engaging activities for children to explore
• An outdoor covered gardening area, perfect for hands-on learning in any weather

In addition to our on-site amenities, our location offers exceptional opportunities for outdoor exploration and play. We are just a short walk away from a large park with a playground and open fields, as well as clean and safe nature trails adjacent to South Seattle College.

We understand the importance of choosing the perfect childcare facility for your little ones. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted a nurturing and inspiring environment where children can learn, play, and flourish together. Our facility combined with our enriching, age-appropriate activities and close proximity to natural outdoor spaces, make our nanny share an ideal choice for parents seeking a safe, engaging, and supportive setting for their children to thrive. By entrusting your child to Creative Stages West Seattle, you can be confident that they will receive the individual attention, love, and care they deserve, setting the foundation for a bright and successful future.